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Get Treated For Vitiligo And Improve Your Social Life

Vitiligo can be defined as a disorder affecting your skin where white patches are formed at the surface of your skin affecting your eyes, mouth and nose too. This is caused by the destruction of pigmentation cells called melanocytes.

Melanin produced by melanocytes gives pigmentation to your skin. Destruction of these cells in an area leads to the discoloration of the skin in that area. This may start as a small spot disorder and can eventually spread to wide areas overtime.

Many people or almost all of them suffering from the disorder of vitiligo are always  embarrassed and thereby find it awkward to face the public, crowd or attend any social functions.

Causes of vitiligo:

Studies prove that vitiligo is the result of demolition of melanin producing melanocytes in a particular area, which is caused due to the reverse reaction of body immune system, and therefore is an autoimmune disorder. The real cause for the attack of body immune system is still unknown.
Vitiligo disorder is equally affected to people of any races. The affected area seems to appear pale or white whereas the other area appears darker. This is normally caused in areas exposed to sun. Vitiligo appears before the age of 40 and causes the early greying of your hair. This disorder can be hereditary too.

Vitiligo Treatment :

Vitiligo is a skin disorder which is not curable. But the treatment can bring some betterment in the condition. Many cosmetic products including sunscreen can protect you from vitiligo. Different medical management methods like phototherapy and surgical management of vitiligo is performed to treat the disorder. Sometimes melanocyte cells are injected into the affected area, so as to regain the lost melanin pigmentation.

Treatment for vitiligo is carried out in two sections. In first section spreading of white patches are controlled and later on in second section, the treatment to reduce vitiligo patches are carried out.

A surgical approach is adopted for treating vitiligo when all the other medical treatments are seem to be failed. There are various types surgical management for vitiligo and can be named as,
  • Suction blister grafting
  • Follicular unit grafting
  • Smash grafting
  • Split thickness grafting
  • Non-cultured epidermal suspensions
  • Melanocyte culture transplant
  • Miniature punch grafting

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