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White Patches Treatment In Bangalore

The appearance of white patches on your body is medically termed as vitiligo. These white patches can appear at any areas of your body like, hands, legs, face and mouth, around the eyes, lips, arms and feet.
Vitiligo tretment in Bangalore
The damage or loss of skin pigmentation will lead to the appearance of white patches in the corresponding area. Vitiligo can affect anybody irrespective of their age.

Causes of vitiligo:

Skin pigmentation is given by melanin. The destruction of these melanin producing pigmentation cells known as melanocytes, will cause the formation of white patches. The actual cause of the destruction of melanocytes are still unknown. But studies say that the body immune system attacks our own body disrupting the melanocytes of that area. But the reason for this attack of our body immune system is still unknown.

Risk factor for vitiligo:

About 4% of the population suffer from the vitiligo. Male and female are equally prone to vitiligo disorder. People get mostly affected between the ages of 10 to 30. They show off severe symptoms before the age of 40. If one has a family history of vitiligo he is at the risk of the same. Some people who suffer from autoimmunity diseases has an increased chances of getting vitiligo.

Symptoms of vitiligo:

Vitiligo exhibits the initial symptoms of rapid pigmentation loss. This pigmentation loss is stable for a long period, but later on it spreads to a wide area. Vitiligo affects one in the areas which is mostly exposed to sun and the areas of the body openings. In some vitiligo causes early greying of hairs.

Treatment for vitiligo:

Once you diagnosed to have vitiligo, your actual treatment procedure will be carried out in two sections. In first section of treatment, the spreading of white patches to wide areas is controlled. Once it is at controlled levels, the second section of treatments is carried out where the melanocytes are injected into the areas affected by the vitiligo, so that the loss pigmentation is recovered.

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